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Where is fun there? Or is there something to it. Commentaire de Althal Awesome mount. After phase ended, i’ve blocked the green ray until his death. Commentaire de jdmkm Proto-Drake’s are awesome I love’em. I think at 85 this fight is pretty basic, at least for melee classes. Commentaire de Magenn Wowhead is a bit off, with the drop rate.

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Commentaire de petercopter12 And the difference is only 1. I was down to one achievement yesterday and we had already failed it once, so now we were doing more randoms in hopes of getting into Gundrak again so we could try it once more. Commentaire de Esploratore I didn’t think arms warrior less healing power than fury could do it, I tried a lot of times, always failed. If you’re a person that likes to collect mounts, then you’ll never get it because it’ll never drop. Commentaire de Morbius I soloed this boss today and didn’t get any beams. The only way for anyone to guarntie you get that mount is if you run that instant some times with the same people. Il comporte également une option de vendre facilement ou supprimer des éléments en vrac.

So I ran back, downed Illhoof, returned to NS and found the beams working properly for the next two attempts before killing him. Commentaire de Lurven Dropped after my 13th run and of course I lost the roll to a druid, a druid!. Commentaire de alex I made an account just to share my story. Par exemple, si un joueur est passé du atlasliot 15 à 20 pendant que atlazloot étiez déconnecté, vous en serrez informé en atlaslpot connectant.

atlasloot 5.0.5

atoasloot After spending maybe 6 months without ever hearing of anybody getting the drake on my server, we suddenly got 3 guildies including me see it drop, and win it in 1 week. Commentaire de Keris Definitely the most fun kara fight, I think.


Couplé à Tom-Tom vous pouvez vous rendre directement sur les zones de fouille. Commentaire de Raelen Just curious: Commentaire de radgh People should really stop trying to explain probability for the drop. Commentaire de Grinion I just killed this boss atlasolot prot pally,because of luck of burst dps, all i did was to block the green gate that heals him and downed him easily.

World of Warcraft ralentissement graphique [Fermé]

Much easier than farming it! I don’t yet have this mount but I have been farming it for aflasloot week or so. Ontwikkelaar Blizzard heeft een nieuwe patch voor World of Warcraft uitgebracht waarmee het versienummer van het spel naar 2. PitBull Cet addon vous permet de modifier l’affichage de votre personnage, de votre familier, de 50.5 cible, All you need to do is: Gardez à l’esprit les points suivant avant de poster un commentaire: The Burning Crusade Version 2.

Télécharger vidéo Youtube sur tablette et mobile Créer une adresse Gmail Regarder match en direct. When walking through the mob filled hallway after Skadi takes off, it’s quicker and easier to pull every mob in this hallway to the end, and AoE them all down, assuming you are a high enough level to take on this many mobs at a time.

So we’ll see what happens next week. If you have issues, wait for a quiet no mob moment and eat back to full hp.

Don’t give up people, it will find you eventually! So lets just guesstimate say probably 50 times running heroic UP since hitting lvl 80 and on my 50th try abouts I was saying to my guildies running the heroic daily with me « hey wouldn’t it be nice if skadi finally freakin’ dropped that atlaslolt.


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Commentaire de akileez Decided to try and solo this after watching the Youtube video. Commentaire de casedistorted in reponse to Sofiah I almost cried Commentaire de Random lol, I atlaskoot mine yesterday after around more than runs yeah, pretty unlucky. Titan Panel Je n’ai pas trouvé de meilleur version pour la 4. The void zone can be deadly if not immediatly moved out of.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Bonjour, bon mon aatlasloot est un petit bug graphique très agacent qui se résume a une saccade a chaque 6 secondes en fait mon IPS image par seconde passe de 70 a 45 a chaque 6 seconde ce qui m’occasionne un lag d’une seconde a chaque 6 secondes ce n,est vraiment pas plaisant. That would be nice, but it’s simply not the case. Atllasloot de Vlad When soloing this you only need to make sure the atlaspoot beam does not hit him -as it will heal him to full health.

Commentaire de Lunii Question – If atlaslpot have already won and learned this mount, is it possible to win again? Once we figured out what to do, it was C-A-K-E.

The beams heal him, far more than you can do enough damage to kill him, below 90 and not geared out. Commentaire de Sanaka Just got mine .50.5, paid for it though, luckly the guy who won it was on my server. Commentaire de aymiah Got him today after rolling a 90!

Still 1kg away from epic flying too haha.