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Commentaire de Niss Did it as a shadow priest. Avoid going toe-to-toe with him if possible. Enter the northernmost cave and get through There are some Warmauls to the back of the cave, where there will be a little branch to the outside. Commentaire de ViperBond Not fearable sadly. Improved Health Funnel would probably help a ton too but I don’t have it.

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Standing inside the box stops the ogres from aggroing, yet you can leave at any time. Respawn time is about 15 seconds. Entrez simplement l’URL du vidéo dans le formulaire ci-dessous. Commentaire de namroht He cannot be CC’ed. Commentaire de Lilly Easy to slay

Then I figured what the hell might as well try with voidwalker, since he is definately tougher. I proceeded to kill him. Once you have him lightly killed and ransacked, get out of there – he respawns quickly.

A couple of good arcane shots shots, serpent stings, and concussive shots with a kill shot at the end and my fox attacking and it took all of 15 seconds.

map cs bloodstrike 1 way

Use Soulshatter if you pull aggro off the pet. Lastly, be careful about your placement, preferably stand in Cho’war spawn spot, otherwise you risk aggroing the Warmaul Warlock which spawns very close and there is also a Warmaul Brute patrolling sometimes.

Cho’war le Pilleur

Or just fly over the moth of bloodstri,e cave and over the mountain to the back. Went max range and frostbolt all the time.


Ajouter à la liste Commentaire de zero I just easily did this as a 67 Elemental Shaman I popped my Earth ELemental Totem, and it was easy from there, just had to keep using wind shear due to high elemental threat, and then healed earth Elemental up as needed, wasy as ABC: Cela télécharge les données collectées vers Wowhead pour garder la base de waj à jour!

All I had to do was judgement him and he died. I imagine that a true tanking pet with the right talents could last even longer. This is actually a prime example how to exploit pathing to vs solo difficult mobs with a hunter. Alternated between Judging Light with my Hammer of the Righteous great talent! Commentaire de diehard I easily soloed as 67 dk its no 3 man quest: I do not approve of this change, or any other change which lowers the game’s fun level for that matter.

Hopefully you killed him and got his key!

map cs bloodstrike 1 way

I started by Premeditating him followed by SnD. Commentaire de Typhon It’s worth mentioning that killing Cho’war and getting the key is not an explicit requirement. Apparently he doesnt like it from behind. Commentaire de NobodyYouKnow This is soloable at level Chains of Ice doesnt work, and he doesnt fight fair. It was very, very close.

Telecharger map bloodstrike 1 way cs

I charged in and used Bloodrage simultaneously, generating a fair amount of rage. If you have a flying mount you save yourself a lot of time. Just kill or avoid all of the mobs in bloorstrike small cave. Be careful not to fall down the ledge to your right. There’ll be an exit, short open area and the entrance to his lair.


Commentaire de Skyfury Soloed with lvl 70 feral druid, bear form all the way. Commentaire de 7echno7im I love it how you have 50 people telling you have to kill the guy but not how to finish the quest. Grab the key, head back to Corki where he gave you the quest, and then back to Telaar. Commentaire de Bauffman Jumping of the cliff worked nicely for me, he was dead before he reached me: Go Bear and pop Frienzied Regeneration when you’re getting low on hp.

Level 65 just hit 66 with his death I kept CoW on Cho’war throughout bloodtrike just kept health funneling voidy to full health all the time, while keeping myself bandaged health funnel sucks health, not mana.

Keep going north until you reach a northern exit at